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Marijuana Legalization Campaign Turns in 360,000 Signatures to Place Issue on 2018 Michigan Ballot

Published on 11/20/2017

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol turned in more than 360,000 signatures today calling for its marijuana legalization initiative to be placed on Michigan’s November 2018 ballot.

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National Cannabis Industry Association Joins Forces with Michigan’s Marijuana Legalization Campaign

Published on 11/15/2017

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CRMLA) announced today that it has added more firepower to its growing coalition of marijuana reform advocates with the addition of the National Cannabis Industry Association.

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Are you up to the challenge?

Published on 11/14/2017

Our campaign to end marijuana prohibition is at a critical stage as we prepare to turn in over 360,000 signatures to the secretary of state for certification. For the past five months, activists, volunteers and donors have stepped up to the plate and gotten us this far – but we’re not there yet.

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Whoa, we’re halfway there

Published on 08/15/2017

Actually, we’re more than halfway there. This week, we will pass the 200,000-signature mark – meaning we’re well on our way to reaching our goal of collecting 366,000 signatures. 252,523 of these signatures need to be validated to get on the ballot in 2018 and end cannabis prohibition once and for all!

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Marijuana Legalization Hits 100,000 Signature Milestone

Published on 07/10/2017

Supporters of marijuana legalization announced today that the signature collection effort is running ahead of schedule with more than 100,000 signatures collected to-date.

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